Knud Nielsen’s life journey

Knud was a pioneer Danish artist and Cobra painter. He is considered one of the most important artists of Denmark in the 20th century.

Knud Nielsen Knud Nielsen was seen as an artist who was far ahead of his time. Much of the work produced during the Danish-born artist’s career was seen as engaged and avant-gardist. He was artistically and philosophically very close to the CoBrA movement and its members.

He studied Fine Arts in Copenhagen in the 1930s. Later, he became a member of the CoBrA art movement, and went on to become one of its most prominent representative figures.

“The true use of art is, first, to cultivate the artist’s own spiritual nature.”

- Knud Nielsen


Nielsen’s Early Life

Nielsen was born in 1916 in Denmark.

He studied at the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts in Copenhagen from 1935 to 1941 and was later affiliated with the CoBrA art movement.

The Beginning

In 1949, Knud Nielsen became a member of the CoBrA group, which was a short-lived but influential art movement that emerged in Europe after World War II. The group was founded in Paris in 1948 by a group of artists from Denmark, Belgium, and the Netherlands. The name CoBrA is an acronym derived from the first letters of the three cities where the group’s founders lived: Copenhagen, Brussels, and Amsterdam.


Nielsen’s Work

Nielsen’s work is characterized by its bold colours, expressive brushwork, and abstract forms. He was particularly interested in the relationship between colour and form, and his paintings often feature vibrant hues and dynamic compositions. Nielsen’s work was exhibited widely throughout his career, both in Denmark and internationally. He received numerous awards and honours for his contributions to the arts, including the Eckersberg Medal in 1962 and the Thorvaldsen Medal in 1986.

Our Gallery

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Nielsen’s Legacy

Nielsen was part of international art movement of pioneering artists who caused a revolution in modern art. He was an international post-war avant-gardist, whose work sought new means of expression, based on spontaneity and experimentation, for a new society. His work put emphasis on freedom of expression and has inspired many contemporary artists, and its influence can still be seen today. Nielsen passed away in 2008 at the age of 92. His legacy as one of Denmark’s most important artists of the 20th century continues to be celebrated to this day.

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